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Madre Supernaus

Graeme Gerard Halliday-Hallidonto

Madre Supernaus

Graeme Gerard Halliday-Hallidonto, Scottish Artist from Dundee on the East coast of Scotland, based in London. My main focus is drawing, and my 'Cyborgia Manifesto'I see my work as a beacon of its time, ahead of time, and before it's time. I am motivated by transcribing the sociological constructions of my age, the evolution of the flesh. Art is the mirror to shatter the foundations of reality-Art for me is a reflection of the coming state of mankind, flesh anxiety, the departure into a new being.


Lisa M. Land


Lisa M. Land is an artist born and residing in Flint, Michigan, with a BA in Fine Arts/Art Education from Michigan State University. Lisa is represented by the Flint Institute of Arts Sales Gallery and appears in many venues in the Flint area. Currently Lisa is working in photography and watercolor, and can be found at Downtown Flint Art Walks or at


Esther La'Montagne


Esther La' Montagne was born on the 25th September 1982 in South London and is a Fine Artist and Painter preparing for her Masters in Fine art.

La' Montagne enrolled onto several short courses in art and creative writing, attended London College of Communication (LCC) then completing a Foundation in Photography before being awarded a scholarship at the renowned university City & Guilds of London Art School where she gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting & Art History.

In her early years and throughout her 3 year scholarship La' Montagne created large scale concrete/abstract paintings, working predominantly in oil, ink and charcoal. Still working on a large scale her work encompasses more water based mediums such as watercolour and acrylics.

La' Montagnes' work explores human emotion and feeling through the form of abstraction and concrete movement, which purposefully executes less tangible forms. Recently, her paintings have being inspired by her drawings - a series of works that explore emotion, feeling and texture in its simplest form. Her investigation into the processes involved in finding inspiration create work that encompasses and expresses the rawest of emotions and is product of her environment – a series of images that demonstrate how the creative process can be inspired by the challenges of life.

Upon graduating in 2011 she founded an art collective and worked in her East London Studio. Her collective was soon discovered by The Red Gallery in East London, becoming one of Londons' more popular emerging artist collectives and they had their first European group show in Berlin in 2012, but as well as her art art, she is now currently focusing on her newest project AID, ((Art in Disguise), which organises seminars and supports up -coming UK artists, of which she is the Founder and Director/co-ordinator.

La 'Montagne has had three successful group shows in 2015 and is looking forward to her 3 month debut solo solo show and residency consisting of a recent collection of pencil work on paper and oil paintings on canvas at The Gallery at The Library in Willeseden Green in NW London, commencing 26th August 2016, officially launching on Wednesday, 31st August 2016.

Esther La' Montagne currently lives and works in NW London.


Peaches, or, a term of endearment for animals who prefer to be eaten

Sarah-Jean Krahn

Peaches, or, a term of endearment for animals who prefer to be eaten.

i. The earwig proposes a thesis about circles:

There is no half.

ii. Her tallest dancer tastes terrible
in music but in pants

It matters not what one spots there
so long as they sad her in bed.

She asks if I ever miss dick then giggles,
cunnilinguaes the pedicel of a peach

Not mine.

(Her dad thanks me for taking care of her.)


iii. every dusk the saucers
dish my tender sill

i do not miss but
a bitter crib i thrill

The Guests slice each half
from clingstone ischia and grill

haft over the tinder with switch:
Do we dare to eat a peach?

the twig ill
with blossom rot



iv. The manager chuckles at my imagination
promises the pomegranates will soon be in

because I often complain of the substandard produce
and the feeling of a bug in my hair

the peach's pale meat of dishwater smacks
and the pit splits long its hemisphere

laughs an earwig out across the counter.

(My dad thanks you for taking care of me.)

I say goodbye as he scurries and nibble the core's absinthe almond


v. your dad's favourite fruit is the peach and I warm the days he grafts a batch of ice cream pail-fruit salad because it means he inhabits his mammoth peach and bobs the gilded brook to meet me and you and everyone else so I nip the tongue's pulp and titter at the josh
I don't get


vi. When you shed your scalp's winter's coat
for the first time you call
yourself a fuzzy peach
and the endearment

thrust into you
I can't stop my gaze
down at your blossoming face

but it's your fuzzy peaches I squeeze
every night the down
that I graze
with my
I linger
even when your flue

crows the husks of bygone earwigs
who dared penetrate to the quick
of a tender


I can't always say goodbye, but I will spit them across the room and nurture your freestone spine.


Sarah-Jean Krahn is the Managing Editor of the feminist creative writing journal S/tick and holds an MA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory from McMaster University. Her award-winning experimental writing has appeared in various anthologies and journals, including the Berkeley Poetry Review and the academic journal Feminist Studies. More from Sarah-Jean can be found at


Someone to Save

Jessica Fogle

Jessica Fogle is an award-winning singer/songwriter, pianist and private teacher, currently residing in West Michigan. She has released 3 albums (on Bandcamp as both "Jessica Fogle" and "Jessica in The Rainbow"). Her eclectic past includes writing 3 musicals, which have had productions in various theatres in NYC, Connecticut and California and places in between, in addition to collaborating on a movie-musical ("Were the World Mine") that won multiple awards in film festivals in 2008, including "Best Music" at the Nashville Film Fest. She holds a B.A. in Music (piano performance) & Theatre (dramatic literature) from Lawrence University/Conservatory of Music, and an MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. For more music and links to follow her future releases, visit and

Wake Up (& Apologize (to yourself))

Jessica Fogle


Lumumba Mthembu

I am a 29-year-old PhD candidate at Rhodes University. My field of research is contemporary South African literature. I recently obtained my MA with distinction and am a 2015 Mandela Rhodes Scholar. Outside of academia, I enjoy music and sport of almost every variety.


Connor Coyne

Connor Coyne is a novelist living and working in Flint, Michigan.

His first novel, Hungry Rats has been hailed by Heartland prize-winner Jeffery Renard Allen as "an emotional and aesthetic tour de force."

His second novel, Shattering Glass, has been praised by Gordon Young, author of Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City as "a hypnotic tale that is at once universal and otherworldly."

Connor represented Flint's 7th Ward as its artist-in-residence for the National Endowment for the Arts' Our Town grant, through which artists engaged ward residents to produce creative work in service of the 2013 City of Flint Master Plan.

Connor's work has been published in numerous outlets including, Santa Clara Review, Moria Poetry Zine, East Village Magazine, and Happy Anyway: A Flint Anthology.

Connor lives in Flint's East Village, less than a mile from the house where he grew up. He maintains a website at

Elisabeth Blair

Elisabeth Blair is a composer, vocalist, poet and visual artist currently based in Michigan. After obtaining a BA in photography in 2004, she spent many years on the folk singer/songwriter circuit in Chicago before moving into both improvisation and more formal composition. Written language forms an important part of her work, and a chapbook of her poems is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. An active feminist, she is on the board of the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) and is the primary force behind Listening to Ladies, an initiative that comprises a podcast, concert series, and online showcase of works by composers who are women.

Skylar Moran

Skylar Moran is an architect (pursuing licensure), a theatre carpenter, a lighting designer, & a bartender.

His areas of research include branding & platforms, mobility & destabilization, mystery, suspense, dramatic irony, & private uses of public space.

Skylar's awards include the George Danforth Traveling Fellowship, the Spies Droste Study Abroad Scholarship, & the Illinois Institute of Technology Presidential Scholarship.

His super power is listening, which he once used to save a speeding locomotive from imminent disaster.

Skylar is steward of the Chicago chapter of The Architecture Lobby & a member of the Architecture & Design Society at the Art Institute of Chicago.

He currently lives in Chicago with one small, white cat.

See what he is doing now at

Sam Perkins-Harbin

Sam is a visual artist who composes his work with ones and zeros. His work is produced in the visual mediums with pencil, ink or computer mice.

Sam is an author who writes in code. He produces websites, little exploratory pages and programs, and likes to tinker around and see what he can create visually using ones and zeroes.

Sam is a tall ship sailor, and he would prefer to do the above from the beach or on a little schooner somewhere warm.

Sam is a licensed Captain and likes to drive boats for other people. Please tip accordingly!

Sam enjoys steampunk dress, cyberpunk novels, strange music, walkabouts, and circus side shows.

Thanks for reading, you may now don your lifejackets accordingly.